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Programme Information

This page is dedicated to providing additional Cyber Quest programme information that may be of use to participants.  Cyber Quest was launched in November 2020 with the first participants coming onboard in January 2021.  Currently we are in Phase 2 of the programme, with 250 participants having gone through Phase 1 already.

The CyberQuest teams consists of:

CyberQuest offers three training pathways, each with a different focus: Foundation (cyber awareness), Intermediate (technical training) and Advanced (skill development). 

Within the Intermediate Path there are a number of job training options available:


Many of our participants have gone from Foundation to Intermediate.  Click on each path option to find out what each one is about.

Participants are also encouraged to join learning groups with fellow participants to share progress and insights from the programme.  Some participants have taken this a step further and help facilitate these groups (if you are interested in this please contact Matt above).

See below the Learning Group Code of Conduct:


CyberQuest teams encourage ongoing feedback, if you have any comments do reach out to anyone on the team.

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