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The Future of Cyber Security

Where the hype has become the reality…

Over the past decade we have all become more aware of the need for cyber security as each headline cyber-attack seemed bigger than the last with the consequences become more widely felt i. Here in Ireland, we finally became one of the many high profile victims after the HSE ransomware attack leading to the government belatedly deciding on a large increased in investment in the National Cyber Security Centre.

A lot has changed in the past decade, where we have seen the entry of large criminal organisations and multiple state sponsored actors entering the fray (or battle). The landscape has changed from isolated hackers seeking publicity to a large battlefield of multiple actors with a myriad of interests and motivations.

Advances in technology have seen both opportunities to improve defences along with increased risks. On the dark web we now have RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) offerings from hacking criminals enabling the mass deployment of ransomware by a new generation of hackers. AI and automation have vastly increased the quantum of attacks organisations face as well as provide tools to protect ii. Other new technologies like Blockchain offer scope for mitigation tools, yet these often reveal new vulnerabilities as well iii.

Cyber security is a complex and varied field and career path for those with the right aptitudes, but we are reached the point where we desperately need scale up the number of people entering the field as well as expand generally people’s awareness and understanding of cyber security (moving from the annual mandatory course to daily reminders to be vigilant). We need people who are curious, technically savvy, and adept at continuously learning to join the fight to protect our economy and our society. Are you one of them?





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