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Madga's Story

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This is Madga's story about upskilling herself using Immersive Labs and how it has assisted her career development.

Magda's Story

Madga is a recent post graduate from a Masters in Cyber Risk. She came across Immersive lab's platform as part of the Cyber Talent Employment Activation Programme run by IT @cork Skillnet.

As a part of the training programme, the Trainees were recommended to review and solve certain labs based on our previous experience and education. The labs helped Magda gain hands-on, cyber experience in various cyber-security domains. It provided a user-friendly, platform with adequate user instructions and information available to work through problems and successfully complete the in-built tests.

The initial labs are on basic concepts and easy to solve. This helps to build up knowledge and skills to move into further labs that get trickier and more complex to solve. Just like real life. This platform doesn’t require any additional resources to perform any labs.

Along with the labs, the training platform also gives access to most recent news in the cyber world. New labs are updated and added on a regular basis. So far, Madga has completed over 160+ labs on this platform and is second from the top on the leader board. This tracks the learning within the group.

She believes this approach has prepared her for industry by training on real world scenarios. To quote Madga, ‘I believe this training will help me throughout my career in cyber security’.

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