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CyberQuest Foundation Path Digital Badge

Issued by CyberQuest

An IT@Cork Skillnet Training programme.

This badge earner has an understanding of the cyber threats individuals may like encounter as well as the safe practices needed to operate securely online across different devices and work platforms. 

The learner has successfully completed the 10 week / 110 hours (estimated) online cyber security training course (delivered by Infosec IQ) consisting of the modules below and has passed the module assessments to fulfil the criteria for this badge. 

Module 1 - Need to Know Cyber Awareness

This module provides baseline cyber security information for participants and introduces topics that will be covered in later modules.

Module 3 - Password Security

This module covers how to best secure your accounts and data using password management best practice.

Module 5 - Malware, Ransonware & Removable Media

This module covers the psychology of malware and ransomeware and the mistakes people make. It includes also good practice for using Removable Media.

Module 2 - Phishing

This module focuses on the dangers of phishing emails and what employees can do to identify and avoid these attacks.

Module 4 - Social Engineering & GDPR

This module covers how social engineering works, how to spot it and what you can do to prevent social engineering attacks, and how to keep sensitive information secure.

Module 6 - Need to Know part 2

 This module introduces the cybers topics that will be covered in the rest of the course plus offers the Worked Example case studies.

Module 7 - Physical Secuirty and Remote Working

This module cover important cyber security topics such as working remotely safely and encrypting files, devices, removable media and computers to keep data safe in the event of hardware theft. 

Module 9 - Cyber Deep Dive

This module provides a deep dive into key cyber threats and the latest practices needed to prevent these.

Phishing Campaign

All participants take part in a fake phishing campaign to test their knowledge and skill throughout the programme. 

Module 8 - Mobile Security and Safe Web Browsing

This modules covers managing safe web browsing on mobile devices, including firewalls, secure home networks, understanding warning messages and steps to take to help spot prevent attacks via websites.

Module 10 - OWASP

This modules covers the top ten application security risk from the Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP).


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