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Apply today in 3 quick steps:


The first step is to complete a short online application form - apply below.


Next an email will be sent to you asking you to complete a verbal/numerical test.


Finally a 30 minute call to discuss your application and ensure the programme/path is right for you.

Am I Eligible?


You must be aged 18 or over.


You must be Irish or EU/EEA national residing in Ireland.


Non-EU/EEA nationals are eligible subject to appropriate Visa status.


Applicants must be unemployed at the time of application. See more below.

  • What is CyberQuest?
    CyberQuest is a Skills Connect training programme designed to support unemployed individuals develop new skills in the field of cyber security.
  • What is Skills Connect?
    Skills Connect is an initiative developed by Skillnet Ireland and designed in partnership with enterprise to enhance cross-sector employability and support people who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19. It offers a suite of bespoke upskilling and training solutions, designed by enterprise, aimed at supporting re-entry into the workforce. This valuable initiative offers individuals the opportunity to develop new skills or reskill, build confidence and access practical on-the-job training.
  • Who can apply for CyberQuest?
    Anyone who is unemployed, 18 years or older, an EU/EEA national and resident of Ireland. Some non-residents with applicable work visa may also apply.
  • Who is the Foundation Path for?
    So, here’s the story with the Foundation path. Here is where you learn the basics about Cyber Security so that you can be safe and secure online, whether at home or at work. This path will provide you with a good understanding of the common cyber security threats and the steps that can be taken to prevent cyber criminals gaining access to your computer at home or at work. It is a valuable skill to have as you look toward future jobs. This learning will be online using training materials from leading cyber security educator Infosec Institute. Your online learning account will be available to you for three months and you will follow a weekly curriculum of courses which include a wide range of learning material; from interactive training modules, microlearning videos, assessments, infographics and more. In all, you will have access to courses, that explore different areas within the field of cyber security, including: Social Engineering Mobile Security Privacy and PII Safe Web Browsing Data Security Password Security Phishing Backups Secure Wire Transfer Antivirus Join the Foundation Path if you want to get up to speed on how to operate safely online at home or in the office.
  • Who is the Intermediate Path for?
    This path is meant for people wanting to start training for a career in cyber security or for those who want to transition from other IT/technology areas into cyber security. There is a full range of online courses from introduction to advanced available to help you develop the knowledge and skills required within the field of cybersecurity. You will be given access to your own online learning account with InfosecSkills ( and this will allow you to access to cyber courses like ‘Network Fundamentals’ or ‘Incident Response’. You will also be given a suggested training curriculum covering the type of role you are interested in: - Cyber Investigator - Cyber Security Analyst - Cyber Security Senior Analyst - Cyber Security Auditor - Penetration Tester - Cyber Security Architect As part of the CyberQuest programme there is also additonal career support with sessions on CV preparation, interview skills and career coaching.
  • Who is the Advanced Path for?
    The Advanced programme will take account of your previous informationtechnology, security services or other relevant experience and place you on an advancedpath for learning and skills development. This path is gamified, rapid and measurable; and it uses the on-demand learning platform and close to the real-life scenarios that Cyber Security workers experience. The Advanced programme will equip you with the Cyber skills needed for many roles byproviding both knowledge and laboratories to practice the skills required. Using your ownlearning account, your performance will be measured and you can track your progressagainst your colleagues on a leader board. You will have access to over 200+ labs that are updated weekly to reflect emerging cyber threats. Some examples of the programmesinclude: Cyber Kill Chain Virtualisation Banner Grabbing Windows Forensics Sudo Caching PowerShell: Episode 1 The Advanced path does not include a formal certification the training clearly demonstrates to employers you are investing in skill development and building hands on experience.
  • What do I need to do to complete the training?
    You will need a computer with a camera and microphone and access to the internet. The computer will need to be able to support Teams and the training platforms (either Infosec or Immersive Labs). CyberQuest is a self-paced, self-directed online training progamme but generally participants will need to put in between 10 to 12 hours online a week to complete the suggested training courses. This varies somewhat between Paths, with the Intermediate the most time intensive.
  • What qualification will I receive from CyberQuest?
    The Foundation and Advanced path offers a CyberQuest achievement certificate and digital badge upon reaching a particular training milestone for each path. The Intermediate training path will prepare you to take a variety of different professional cyber certifications (exam based) which are delivered externally (e.g. via CompTIA's Pearson Vue online test platform or designated test centre). Participants who join CyberQuest will be part of the programme for three months in which it is expected they will complete the assigned training courses. Importantly, the programme is self-paced and self-directed which means ultimately participants decide how far they progress.
  • How much does the course cost?
    There is no charge to individuals, this initiative is fully subsidised by it@Cork Skillnet that receives the funding for this through Skillnet Ireland's Skill Connect initiative.
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